Printed Books

The primary goal of Scroll Reader is to offer free audiobooks, allowing individuals to enjoy longer works like mission biographies in their spare moments. However, we understand that some people prefer reading physical books. Since we’ve already formatted and revised the text, it wasn’t too difficult to also make select titles available through Amazon’s Print on Demand service. This means that those who prefer a physical copy can easily obtain one of decent quality for a very low price. It’s important to note that if anyone needs a hardcopy but can’t afford it, they can reach out to us. However, we encourage everyone to first explore the audiobook version, which, being online, has the significant advantage of incurring only a very small cost of bandwidth.

A Thousand Miles of Miracle In China: A Personal Record of God’s Delivering Power

Power Through Prayer

The Mystery of Providence
From Soldier To Street Preacher

Amid Greenland Snows: The Early History of Arctic Missions

The Miracles of Missions

The Darjeeling Disaster: Its Bright Side—The Triumph of the Six Lee Children