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Missions-Related Christian Audiobooks

A total of 11 audiobooks in this category:

Lives of The Three Mrs. Judsons—Missionaries to Burmah

Biographies of Mrs. Ann Judson, Mrs. Sarah Judson, and Mrs. Emily Judson

8h 41m

David Brainerd: The Apostle To The North American Indians

An Account of John Eliot and David Brainerd's Labor Among North American Indians

4h 19m

Hudson Taylor: In Early Years – The Growth of a Soul

Volume 1 of the Biography of Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China.

14h 4m

A Thousand Miles of Miracle in China

God's Deliverance from Imperial Boxers: A Personal Account

13h 20m

The Miracles of Missions

Modern Marvels In The History of Missionary Enterprise

4h 22m

White Queen of The Cannibals: The Story of Mary Slessor of Calabar

Missionary To A Region In Nigeria Unexplored by Europeans

3h 19m

The Planting and Development of Missionary Churches

Wisdom On The Use of Foreign Money On The Field

3h 16m

Ion Keith-Falconer: Missionary of Arabia

Missionary To Yemen Who Died at 30 Years of Age

2h 53m

Chundra Lela: From Indian Priestess To Christian Evangelist

She Spent Seven Years Going To Every Major Temple...

1h 21m