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Biography-Related Christian Audiobooks

A total of 19 audiobooks in this category:

Lives of The Three Mrs. Judsons—Missionaries to Burmah

Biographies of Mrs. Ann Judson, Mrs. Sarah Judson, and Mrs. Emily Judson

8h 41m

From Soldier To Street Preacher

The Autobiography of Robert Flockhart

5h 42m

Amid Greenland Snows: The Early History of Arctic Missions

This Biography Primarily Covers Hans Egede

3h 40m

David Brainerd: The Apostle To The North American Indians

An Account of John Eliot and David Brainerd's Labor Among North American Indians

4h 19m

Hudson Taylor: In Early Years – The Growth of a Soul

Volume 1 of the Biography of Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China.

14h 4m

A Thousand Miles of Miracle in China

God's Deliverance from Imperial Boxers: A Personal Account

13h 20m

Robert Cleaver Chapman of Barnstaple

All Things But Loss For Christ

2h 54m

The Scots Worthies

Brief Historical Accounts of Famous Scottish Pastors and Martyrs

2h 58m (17% Complete)

White Queen of The Cannibals: The Story of Mary Slessor of Calabar

Missionary To A Region In Nigeria Unexplored by Europeans

3h 19m