Persia's Man of God

Persia’s Man of God

  • - Overview and Biographical Sketch 00:00
  • - Incidents From The Life of Henry Martyn 00:00
  • - An Account of His Conversion 00:00
  • - The Decision To Serve In India 00:00
  • - Perfecting His Hindoostanee on Board the Ship 00:00
  • - Welcome To Calcutta 00:00
  • - A Cold Reception at Dinapore 00:00
  • - Translating the New Testament Into Urdu 00:00
  • - Stricken with Tuberculosis at Cawnpore 00:00
  • - From Cawnpore to Shiraz 00:00
  • - Completion of the New Testament in Persian 00:00
  • - At "Journey's End" 00:00
  • - About The Book 00:00

Missionary Heroes Book #1 – Life Stories Of Great Missionaries

During the early 1900s, Floyd L. Carr did something similar to what John Piper does today. After reading the larger biographies of various missionaries, he condensed them down. Who was his audience? Teenage boys. This series of books created the “Missionary Heroes Course: Life Stories of Great Missionaries For Teen Age Boys“. In this way, the boys would learn about the Christians God used in previous generations. In my opinion, these biographies are not only helpful for teenagers but for everyone!

“In the fall of 1802, Henry Martyn also made a decisive decision in his life, choosing not only to enter the Christian ministry but also to devote his life to missionary work in India, inspired by Jonathan Edwards’ “Life of David Brainerd.” He was ordained in October 1803…”