The Holy Spirit In Missions

The Holy Spirit In Missions

  • 1 - The Holy Spirit's Program Of Missions 25:59
  • 2 - The Holy Spirit's Preparation In Missions 41:06
  • 3 - The Holy Spirit's Administration In Missions 38:10
  • 4 - The Holy Spirit's Fruits In Missions 43:27
  • 5 - The Holy Spirit's Prophecies Concerning Missions 43:57
  • 6 - The Holy Spirit's Present Help In Missions 36:28
3h 49m

The following Lectures form one of the courses on Foreign Missions, delivered at New Brunswick, N. J., before the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in America, in April 1892, by A.J. Gordon.

Just as the lectures of Dr. Matryn Lloyd-Jones on preaching were recorded and turned into a book. So A.J. Gordon’s lectures on missions were put out in book form. The following is the audiobook of, “The Holy Spirit In Missions”.

By A. J. Gordon

Adoniram Judson Gordon, often referred to as A.J. Gordon, was a prominent American Baptist preacher, writer, and Christian theologian in the late 19th century. He was born on April 19, 1836, in New Hampshire, USA, and passed away on February 2, 1895.